Discover Franciacorta, the land of wine, with the Mosaico tourist guides

Franciacorta is a charming and lush land, internationally renowned for its wines. This area offers on one hand incredible views of endless hill vineyards, and on the other historical legacies, above all in the form of monasteries, castles and stately villas. We also advise to visit the near Lake Iseo to enjoy its fairy-tale landscape and atmosphere.

1 - Monasteries and castles in Franciacorta

With this itinerary you will visit two monastic complexes originally built to offer shelter to wanderers and pilgrims travelling along the Via Valeriana (once the only connection between Brescia and the Camonica Valley). These two buildings represent the influence of the Cluniac order (medieval organization of Benedictines centred at the abbey of Cluny, France) over this hilly area, which, though being lush and rich in vegetation, hid many dangers in the past.

The Abbey of San Nicola was rebuilt in the 15th century and you can visit the church, the cloisters and the refectory. In this abbey not only can you discover its history and art, but also buy the products by the monks, who live and farm here. In Provaglio d’Iseo you will visit San Pietro in Lamosa, a small and cosy monastery, enjoying a wonderful view over the Sebino Natural Reserve.


  • The Abbey of San Nicola (11th, 15th, 16,th, 18th centuries) in Rodengo Saiano
  • The castle of Bornato and the castle of Passirano (from outside during the transfer by bus)
  • The Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa (11th - 16th centuries) in Provaglio d’Iseo


2 - Monasteries, castles and … Franciacorta wines

With this full day tour you will enjoy the territory of Franciacorta at full: monasteries, castles and wineries! In addition to the monasteries mentioned above (tour 1), you will also visit the castle of Bornato, a real jewel immersed in this lush landscape offering gorgeous views over rolling hills. Originally, it was a medieval residence fortified with walls and towers; during the 16th century, it turned into a beautiful Renaissance villa, called Villa Orlando, adorned with frescoes and luxurious furniture, though maintaining the external fortified structure. After this first part of the tour, it’s time for wine tasting! You will discover the whole process of wine-making guided by an expert in one of the most renowned wineries of the area.


  • The Abbey of San Nicola (11th, 15th, 16,th, 18th centuries) in Rodengo Saiano
  • The Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa (11th - 16th centuries) in Provaglio d’Iseo
  • The castle di Bornato (13th century) and Villa Orlando (16th century)
  • A Franciacorta winery


3 - Wine tours

The rich and well-drained soil and the mild and breezy weather of this hilly area offer ideal conditions for the traditional activity of grape growing and wine making. Local wineries are housed in gorgeous aristocratic villas or in ancient palaces, where first-class wines are produced and stored: you will enjoy wine tasting in unique locations.

The famous Franciacorta was awarded DOC status in the 70’s, thanks to some local winemakers who wanted to pursue the ambition of producing sparkling wine. Franciacorta became the first DOC area to specify that its sparkling wines must be made by traditional method (where after primary fermentation, blending and bottling, a second alcoholic fermentation occurs in the bottle) and in 1995 it was elevated to DOCG status. Local wineries produce Millesimato, Rosé, Satèn, Riserva, white and red Curtefranca doc, Sebino igt and still wines, famous in the wine world for their excellent quality.

You will really enjoy this wine tour: immersed in the scent of ancient vineyards, you will discover this pleasant region and its long tradition, guided by winemaking experts.


  • Two historical Franciacorta wineries
  • Transfer by bus (the guide will tell you about local history, culture and traditions during the transfer)
  • Stops outside the most interesting landmarks and monuments


To arrange these guided tours with any other destination in Franciacorta or in the province of Brescia, please contact us.

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