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The province of Brescia has a lot to offer and we will be glad to guide you to the discovery of this area. Lake Garda is the most well-known site of this region, because of its archaeological and artistic treasures. Camonica Valley offers ideal conditions for winter sports, on top of being the first Italian UNESCO site with its huge collection of prehistoric rock engravings.

The Franciacorta region is popular for its hillside vineyards providing excellent wines; in this amazing environment, you will discover several wineries and traditional wine bars as well as monasteries, Renaissance villas and medieval fortifications.

And last but not least, the charming Lake Iseo in the midst of which stands Monte Isola, the largest lake island in Europe.

At the centre of this highly varied area, lies the city of Brescia, which is part of an association called "Circuito Città d'Arte della Pianura Padana" whose aim is to improve the local tourism, creating and promoting new itineraries in order to satisfy its visitors’ needs and tastes. Moreover, since 2011 Brescia has featured on the UNESCO List thanks to the monastic complex of Santa Giulia, founded during the Longobard domination, and the archaeological Roman site of the Capitolium.

Here we suggest some guided tours to the different areas; of course, they are not fixed: you can decide to combine more than one area or to add visits to destinations not included here.

Languages available for the guided tours are: English, French, Spanish, German and Russian.

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