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Learn by travelling with the Mosaico tourist guides

Brescia and its province offer schools a whole range of options to choose from: you can choose to visit the most important and outstanding sites and monuments or go for more complete itineraries in order to focus on the historical or artistic contents as part of educational programmes.
Here we suggest the most popular or appealing tours from the point of view of their contents:

  1. they are grouped by area (city, valleys, lakes, plain); of course, they are not fixed: you can decide to combine more than one area or to add tours to destinations not included here.
  2. they are also grouped by length: “half day” tours are almost 3 hours long, while “full day” tours last approximately up to six hours.
  3. There are reductions for school groups.

    We take care of all the arrangements with museums, exhibitions, archaeological sites, etc.

    Guided tours are available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German and we also have a Russian interpreter.

    For any questions regarding the tours or to discover our special promotions for travel agencies, please contact us.

Guided tours for schools


Guided tours for adults


Accompanying services


Brescia and its province, one-day trip, Class lessons, Thematic tours.

Guided tours for groups organized by tourist agencies, public and private agencies, CRAL. Courses and seminars on the history and art of the Brescia area.

Offer accompanying services for tours organized by tourist agencies, self-managed groups, schools.


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